9 Mar 2022

Full-Time DevOps/Full Stack Developer (remote)

ReLOG3P SRL Genova, Genova, Italy

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We are looking for a DevOps/Full Stack Developer (remote). You must have considerable and provable experience in developing with modern front-end technologies, as well as experience in integrating back-end services while ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, continuous improvement.

You will be leading and working together with our Team’s Data Scientist and an intern Developer. This is a full-time remote position based in Italy and we will measure you based on the on-time and on-scope delivery of identified and agreed short-mid-long term objectives.

We expect you to have a 3 to 5 years of working experience in similar roles.

What we expect you to do in ReLOG3P
You will be working (almost) on a blank page and start from zero and build our “Collaborative Platform”.
• You will be responsible to build a platform that will be the base for our different main products and services. Under each main product, there will be different sub- products
• You will be responsible to make all the products work together in a seamless way for personalized solutions
• You will be responsible to ensure that ReLOG3P’s products will comply with and embed “Ethics, Privacy and Security by Design”, aligning, at least, with the latest and upcoming EU regulations and directive
• Collaborating and coordinating with our Promotion (Communication, Marketing) partners, with the help of HTML/CSS, JavaScript and other similar frameworks and libraries, you will be responsible to ease and improve, building where necessary, the platform’s extremely simple, effective, user friendly, responsive, engaging and interactive UX/UI front-end, running smoothly on all operating systems (including PCs, smartphones, tablets)
• You will be responsible to ensure cross platform compatibility, for it being able to embed, integrate and work together with the different Partners’ system in a seamless way, by means of designing, developing and maintaining API, open interfacing, scalability, “Plug&Play”
• Collaborating with our Data Scientist, you will be responsible to allow and ease the full integration of the platform with the data science architecture and tools running in the back-end of the Platform
• You will be responsible to test (simulate, emulate), troubleshoot and maintain codes that you and Team develops

Your bags of tricks
A Startup is, by definition, a Company with the following, undisputable 2 main needs: to “stand out of the crowd”, need for high-speed decision and actions!
• You can and enjoy translating ideas and strategies into a reality!
• You must have deep knowledge and passion on multiple programming platforms
• You must possess knowledge of UX/UI design
• You must have knowledge (and passion) about open source, no-code, low-code
• You must know how to create databases and servers to ensure that these systems remain secure and resilient to outages and function endlessly
• You have excellent knowledge in working with WordPress
• You are creative, understand the project’s objectives and create a product that meet targets while engaging Customers
• You must possess the aptitude to design, plan, develop, implement, manage and continuously improve your work and projects (lean management, CD/CI knowledge and mindset)
• You must possess strong analytical skills to analyze information accurately and make logical, data-driven, risk-based decisions that help in reaching targets while mitigating and eliminating risks
• You must possess a strong problem-solving skills and attitude to prevent errors and ability to develop bug-fixing applications to ensure the smooth conduction of tasks
• You must possess excellent (self and team) time management skills to meet tight deadlines while ensuring proper execution of your tasks
• You must be detailed-oriented in an extremely fast-paced environment, with the ability to multi-task
• You are able and willing to take real ownership of your work
• You are pro-active, able to work and to perform independently as well as a key team player
• You are a strong believer in Sustainable Development Goals and Ethical and Responsible Innovation. You stay constantly up to date on the “Ethics, Privacy and Security by Design” regulations, directives and recommendations by EU as well as by the most renowned international Authorities, Academies and R&D Entities
• You must possess a high proficiency and fluency in both Italian and English

Please send us your resume to: [email protected] with subject: Application for DevOps/Full Stack Developer (remote)

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Please send us your resume to: [email protected] with subject: Application for DevOps/Full Stack Developer (remote)icca sul link Candidatura Online

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