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27 Feb 2023

Full-Time Tender for hiring of cleaning company

Ambasciata del Pakistan Via della Camilluccia, 682, 00135 Roma

Descrizione Lavoro

Subject: Tender for hiring of cleaning company for Chancery, Embassy of Pakistan, Rome,
(Via della Camilluccia 682, 00135 Rome) Italy. Government owned building through
open tendering process
Sealed bids are invited from experienced and well-reputed firms from Pakistan or
abroad for hiring of cleaning services of Embassy of Pakistan Rome, Italy. The details are as
Daily Operations (Monday to Friday)
Waste receptacles will be emptied and garbage bags replaced
Ash-trays will be emptied and dump wiped
Furniture will be dusted and dump wiped with specific products
Dusting of electronic devices as phones, computers and fax machine
Carpets vacuumed
Inside stairs will be swept and mopped
Toilets will be cleaned
Washroom supplies will be replenished with your material
Mirrors and taps will be cleaned
Garbage bags will be deposited in the garbage containers
Cleaning services for the visitors toilet
Fifteen days Operations
Removal of paper and refusals from the garden
Monthly Operations
Glasses, windows, doors will be cleaned
Lamps will be dusted and dump wiped
Upper furniture parts will be dusted and dump wiped
Washroom walls will be cleaned
Ceilings and walls dusted
2. The quotations submitted should contain be prepared in duplicate and sent in sealed
envelopes as per following procedure:
i) Technical specifications should be given in the envelope marked as “Technical Offer” and should
give all the details of the service.

ii) Financial offer should be placed in a separate envelope clearly marked as “Financial Offer”, with
clear breakup of the entire costs to be incurred.

iii) Both Technical & Financial offers should be in a third envelope clearly marked as Technical and
Financial offers inside.
b) Date and time of Receipt of Bid: Your quotation must reach this office by or before the
date and time specified above through registered mail. No envelopes delivered by hand will be accepted.
Quotations received after the specified date and time will not be accepted.
c) Validity: Allow sufficient time for processing of the proposal to the Embassy of Pakistan,
Rome. The offer should be valid for at least 120 days from the date of opening of tender.

d) Price: Price quotations should be in euros only.
e) Commission: Contract will be concluded between the Embassy of Pakistan, Rome and the
selected firm. No Commission will be paid to any agent of third party.
f) Terms of payment: As agreed upon discussion. Only bank transfers.
g) Timeline of Work: Must be mentioned in exact amount of days.
h) Rights Reserved: This office reserves the right to reject any deviation from bidding
instructions in any resphject. Modifications can be made to the plans once in effect.
i) Later services: In the event of delay in extending services the contractor must inform the
Embassy with reason and justifications.
j) Arbitration: All disputes arising in connection with the contract/agreement shall be

handled through mutual discussions.

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