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14 Ott 2022

Freelance Search Engine Evaluation Project

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Descrizione Lavoro

This position involves using a web-based tool to evaluate the quality of advertisements and other related data. You must have a strong English language understanding. You will judge ads, visit web pages, and answer questions about your findings.

Appen is the global leader in data for the AI Lifecycle. With more than 25 years of experience in data sourcing, data annotation, and model evaluation, we enable organizations to launch the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence systems.  

By joining this project, you’ll not only help make a better user experience but also have the opportunity to work on other projects at the forefront of artificial intelligence for the world’s largest technology companies.

Person Specification

– Must be eligible to work in the country in which you are located
– Must have lived in Country for 5 years
– All work must be done in the country in which you are located. (Work while traveling abroad is not allowed)
– Must be able to rate tasks in Language, as well as English

Equipment Needed and Timing

– Have a smartphone/computer with a Gmail address
– Strong internet connection
– Able to render at least 10 hours per week

Qualification Process
– Pass the Qualification Exam and all client service level checks

Contribute with data that help build state-of-the-art AI-powered models for better quality and relevance of internet-based search results.

What to expect when you register: 

1. Create an Appen Account 
2. Choose Czech (Czech Republic) as your primary language
3. Complete your profile and project registration [5 min] 
4. Study the provided guidelines [at your own pace] 
5. Agree to confidentiality and ways of working rules 
6. Pass the quiz 

Modalità di lavoro: In remoto

Come Candidarsi

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